Pattern Drafting Classes and Workshops

The following classes and workshops are now available at Beautiful Things, Brentwood, Ingrave.


To book your place, please click on the class titles or visit:

Beautiful Things

Full Circle Skirts:

Using just 2 measurements you’ll create a full circle skirt to twirl and twirl in, all summer long and well into the winter. Team it with a bright petticoat for added volume and feel 1950s chic.

4 Week Pattern Drafting Course:

This course will teach you how to take a full set of measurements and create a custom fit block, to use again and again, meaning perfectly fitting clothes every time. You will learn how to alter the necklines, move the darts, add sleeves and insert a zip to create a beautiful top all at your own pace.

Weekender Pattern Drafting Course:

This course covers all the same aspects of the 4 week pattern drafting course above but over a weekend for those who can't make a weekday class.

More classes coming soon...

Private Pattern Cutting & Dressmaking Lessons


Take a taster class with ready made patterns or learn to make your own in a course to suit you.


Prices are per hour for up to 2 people.

- Taster sessions generally take between 1-2 hours.

- All other classes are recommended at 2-3 hour slots.

Group sessions can be arranged via our Parties page.


Getting to know your sewing machine - £20 - (Taster/Basics)

Using a cushion as our project, I'll show you how to get to grips with your sewing machine and what all the different stitches do to make a decrative cushion for your home. - Fabrics provided.


Patchwork Heart cushion - £20 (Taster/Basics)

Want to try patchwork but not sure where to start? We'll make a heart patterned cushion using a paper piecing technique that requires little cutting. - Fabrics provided.


Bag making - £20 - (Taster/Basics)

Using a ready made pattern, learn how to customise and create your own bag using various fabrics and sewing stitches from start to finish. - All materials provided.


Favourite Pattern - £25 - (Taster)

Found a pattern you'd like to make but not sure how to go about it? Let me guide you through the pattern tracing, cutting, and sewing, You provide the pattern and fabric, I'll provide the know-how.


Perfect Pattern Cutting - £35 - (Ideal start to a course)

We'll make a pattern to your measurements and create a mock-up toile to check correct fitting. This involves a bodice block which can be adapted into shirts, dresses and corsets for you to use in future lessons.


Full circle Skirts - £25 

I'll show you how to make a skirt block from scratch and make in your chosen fabrics so you can twirl the night away. This includes adding a waistband and fitting a zip. 

A Shirt just for you - £35 

Using your Bodice block, we'll make it into a shirt block and a sleeve block. Using a light weight cotton we'll create a shirt just for you. This involves, plackets, sleeves, buttons and fitting. - All materials provided.


Perfect Dress from your Perfect Pattern - £30

Got a fabric you would like as a dress, using your perfect pattern, I'll show you how to create a dress in your chosen style and fabric. - No fabric supplied

Corded corset - £35 - (Advanced)

A fully corded corset will have structure and curves, each piece is corded individually before being stitched together and needs to be fully lined. This project includes eyelets, lacing, and hook and eye placements. Boning can also be provided but is not neccessary as the cording provides stability. - All materials provided.


Fitted Jacket - £35 - (Advanced)

Using your perfect pattern, we'll make a jacket that fits in all the right places with a tailored look without the rigidity. Step out in style in your very own tailor made jacket. - Only lining fabric supplied. A heavy weight cotton is ideal, twill fabric for example.

All makes are yours to keep at the end of each class. Once you have a pattern and the knowledge to create your own, the possibilities are endless.

What Do I Need?


Materials provided for all classes include:

- Pattern Paper
- Mock/Toile fabric - plain cotton calico

- Pencils and Pens

- Tools 


With all classes, a sewing machine and an iron will be required. Some classes will be provided fabric and others will not, please make sure to check when booking your class.


Each student will also recieve their own pattern file of which information can be collected alongside your patterns and any notes you wish to make during the class.


It is advised that a record of measurements are kept in your file for future reference when making new blocks.


It is also good practice to take photos during the class and of your final garments to add to this.


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